Why Clubhouse is the next big thing for business leaders.

leadership Feb 02, 2021

Learning is never ever done.

No matter what you think it's never ever going to be done.

Growing your business is always required.

But why is it that you need to be listening to Clubhouse?

When we think about it, we always have a problem.

And that one problem is specifically trying to grow more and more of our business.

We want to be able to expand our overall brand.

We want to be able to reach out to people all over the world and try to try to learn more about how we can become better.

Clubhouse is the latest medium to be able to get that done.

Think about it, Clubhouse combines all of the latest and greatest information and technology you get from a conference and puts it in one social place.

We've all probably been to one show or the other with a big giant room.

There's a keynote speaker on the stage.

When they're on the stage, you're trying to listen, and you're trying to pay attention.

In fact, it may just be at that convention, the keynote speaker is one of the biggest influencers in your industry, wherever they are.

When you enter a room in Clubhouse, you're listening to a keynote speaker. 

Not just one, but however many people that the host is actually inviting into the room.

You can listen in on what some of those keynote speakers are saying about growing their business and how it can help you grow your business.

There's also the extra opportunity to be able to connect with people by networking and creating additional follow up from where they're at in the business.

Networking can be awkward and a little bit difficult.

Sometimes if you try to meet somebody in a networking event or cocktail hour and you're talking to them, it's just a random handshake and sharing your business card.

Clubhouse takes away some of the awkwardness hat to where it's not quite as foreign.

You can connect with people on Instagram, and you can also follow them right on Clubhouse, or on Twitter.

As soon as you connect with them, you can direct message them to find out more information to learn more from them.

Why is Clubhouse the next big thing?

Because it gives you an opportunity to continue to learn and to grow your business.

It's a huge opportunity for all of us to learn together.

Finally, it's invite-only.

That leaves a limited number of people that can actually be part of the learning and education in their business.

Find a friend, make sure that you can get an invite, and start entering Clubhouse.

Oh, by the way, I'm going to be hosting a Wednesday afternoon lunch hour just to talk about Business Made Simple, and how we can continue to grow businesses together.

So make sure that you open up and follow me @baymourer on clubhouse so you can receive the latest events and notifications of when I'm going to be hosting some of the greatest business minds in the industry.

We'll bring you an overall plan to be able to have a conversation to share value with you.

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