How to Maximize Your Blog and Social Media Marketing Strategy

business growth Apr 29, 2021
How to Maximize Your Blog and Social Media Marketing Strategy

It really shouldn’t take so long to get a blog post AND a social media post completed. I have something that can connect your marketing strategy.

Some people think that blogs are dead. Here’s a secret, they’re not. They’re alive and well and really the backbone for driving effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram seem like they’re a little easier to post shorter content on. You have to be consistent to make them drive traffic to your website.

You’re busy building a business and your time is valuable. You know your business could use organic traffic. Don’t waste any more time duplicating efforts.

I’ve been stumbling through this exercise for too long building my business. I know you don’t have time to get it all done… that’s why I want to share this formula below.

Follow these steps to make sure you maximize your time and content?

  1. Start with tools that identify the highest search words in your market. I like to use Ubersuggest rather than Google Keyword, but both work.
  2. Select three keywords that are mid-range volume and a low cost-per-click
  3. Use a free tool like to transcribe your thoughts as you speak about the topic you’re creating
  4. Add related hashtags (#marketing) on your post for Google to find.
  5. Create an image on that is sized for your blog and social media post
  6. Post the content and image on your blog.
  7. Post the image and a summary of your blog post on your social media channel.

Viola’! You’re done! Great job!

Now, share this same post with your team who does your writing and social media posts. The reason I ask is when you share important tips like this it helps you stay accountable for your own posting with people you trust.

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