Could you pick a side? Sales OR Marketing 🥊 Or Both 🤷🏻

business growth Jun 01, 2021
Business Made Simple University coach Bay Mourer

Sales and marketing are NOT the same. They are two players on the same team. What happens is a supposed "coach" does a terrible job at aligning the two for the championship.

Stick with me for a minute... let's use American football as an example:

Marketing is like an offensive coordinator. Someone who identifies the best way to beat the competition. They're not on the field blocking the defense or running for a touchdown, they're in the booth drawing up a marketing strategy.

Sales is the execution part of the team. The quarterback, running back, receivers, and lineman. They're scoring touchdowns by making sure a clear marketing plan is running so they can close more sales and win the championship.

Separately, they can't win. Together, they beat the competition.

Unfortunately, businesses struggle to connect with the customer because they don't know how to distinguish the two. Or you hire a marketing agency that doesn't know how marketing actually works. 

In fact, most marketing is a waste of money and most salespeople struggle to move forward. Why?

Because they don't have a coach who connects the goals of a business to the sales AND marketing team.

How does your business win?

You invest in a business coach who has the playbook for your industry. Someone with the right skill set to help give you more time back and generate revenue.

Stop thinking sales and marketing are the same and invest in a business coach today.

Want to interview one who has generated over $350 million at a Fortune 50 company? Simply request an appointment today.

Did you know that most marketing is a waste of money? That's just plain wrong. 

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