The 3 Ps to a Closing More Sales

sales Apr 22, 2021

You know, I get asked a lot of questions about how to bring more customers into my business, and how can I help them. And it really comes down to three P's I like to use, see, you've got to be able to solve the customer's problem with your product, so that you can prevent them from failure. You see, every customer has a problem. every customer needs in their life. And if you're a small business owner, if you're an agribusiness, you provide a product, you have to provide a product that you sell or even a service that you can sell to be able to help them. And as long as you prevent them from failure, your product is going to win. So how does this work? Well, a customs customer can look on your website, or they can come into your store or your dealership. And they're not there just by chance. They're interested in solving their problem first. So if you can clarify how you can answer their question, how you can actually solve their problem upfront by qualifying that customer insane, I want to be able to help solve your problem by offering you my product so that you can have success and not experience failure. If you want more exposure into your business, you've got to be able to recognize that customers have a need, you don't have to be pushy with them, you just help them to understand and see that your product is the best product to solve their problem. Walk with me. So there's a customer that comes into your store. And they want to buy, let's say it's a lawnmower. They want to buy a lawnmower in your dealership in the back of their mind. They're thinking, I have a big yard, it's a large space, and I need the right product to be able to help me solve it. So you walk up to them and you say, Hi, my name is such and such. And I'm in the business of solving your problem. How can I help you today? When you position that statement to where you can help solve their problem. It gives you the credibility with empathy, and authority to grow and your overall business, then that customer starts to think you actually told me that you're going to help me solve my problem. That's excellent. I do have a problem. I have a large yard, and I don't have a great way to mow it. So how can I get a product that will help me mow it, then you qualify to continue to qualify the lead with the right positioning of the product that meets their needs and present it in a format to where it's a success, not a failure, but you are giving them the successful outcome that they've actually asked for. That's what happens in the overall three Ps of effective selling. You make sure that you solve the customer's problem with a product that you offer so that you prevent them from failure. When you phrase your sales tactics using those three P's, you will continue to succeed in increasing your business and getting more customers

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