Why communication is so important.

communication leadership Jun 28, 2021
The best way to learn how to communicate with importance

Awkward silences are well… awkward. Unfortunately, when we can’t communicate there are a lot more of them than there should be.

We all want to be heard. More importantly, our teams and customers want to be heard. They want to know their ideas are the central point of where our focus is.

As leaders, we have to increase our focus on communication and understand that we’re guiding their success as a leader.

So just how do we get out of focusing on ourselves and still get a point across?

The five steps in the L.E.A.R.N. process can help:

  1. Listen - The most effective leaders are those who understand the value of listening to the needs of others. Whether you’re trying to communicate a new team goal or customer campaign, you have to know where the other person is coming from.
  2. Empathy - When we are empathetic to their needs first it shows trust and transparency. Really lean in to be empathetic to their needs while we’re listening.
  3. Authority - Being light on the authority helps others understand that while yes, you are leading them, but you don’t have to be overbearing. You’re already looked at as the expert. Don’t waste it.
  4. Respect - Everyone has boundaries. Those boundaries are accepted when we respect who they are and they can respect us as leaders to help them with a decision.
  5. Needs - Their needs can be met at the same time your needs are met. It takes careful consideration of how they receive a message to make sure you are meeting their needs and they want to help you meet yours.

Think back to how you like to hear from someone. Do you like to be told what to do or do you like to have your ideas and thoughts appreciated?

It’s kind of common sense, but so easy to forget how the less we talk about ourselves the more people engage. 

Let’s be sure to carefully orchestrate our thoughts in a way that helps people L.E.A.R.N more about our business through communicating with clarity.

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