What is personal branding anyway?

business growth Apr 23, 2021
Bay Mourer Business Made Simple Coach

What is personal branding anyway? It’s the way you present yourself with clarity and consistency in your area of expertise and passion.

❓Do I need one if I work for someone else?
πŸ‘ Yes, when you have a clear direction for how you serve the company well, doors open for new opportunities to grow.

❓When should I start creating my brand?
πŸ‘ Today. Before you start your company or launch your next campaign.

❓Don’t I need a logo for my brand?
πŸ‘ Not before you have clarity in whom you serve and how you do it. Designers will ask you for brand guidelines before you get a logo.

How did I realize the importance of a personal brand? I learned a lot from thought leaders like Nick Santonastasso.

Want to start building your personal brand? Because your reputation and what you share with others is how you share your story with the world.

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