"I would highly recommend Bay for your event! He leaves not only children, but adults motivated and challenged."   

Sharon Pruett - Elementary Principle

"Bay keeps it real. This realness in his delivery inspires the audience and encourages them to take steps forward."

Mark Lawley - Teacher & Music Director

Let's make sure your audience has an amazing event!

Make Your Event Amazing!

You want your audience to be motivated and inspired to break through the barriers holding them back. I'm here to help you achieve that. Just ask with the simple step below.



My Most Requested Topics

Bay Mourer

I help people find peace and joy by overcoming the road blocks in their life.

For over 10 years as a motivational teacher, I've captured the interest of thousands of students, teachers, and parents from the stage as well as through individual coaching. The messages I share include valuable storytelling combined with life giving motivation to make sure your audience leaves feeling rejuvenated and inspired to overcome the road blocks in their life.

There are two things you should know about me speaking at your event:

  1. Motivate Your Audience - I present to audiences of all styles and settings, but they all agree that I carry a very relational experience that is authentic and real to their current situation. Your audience will leave with a map for true direction in their life so they can get past the road blocks holding them back.
  2. Make it Easy to Work With - You're a busy person and there are a lot of details in planning your event. I get it. That's why event planners appreciate that I'm a very low maintenance speaker who works with you to get the message across that meets the needs of your audience.

Make your event amazing!

I know that you want a motivational teacher who can relate to your audience and inspire them to action. Now you found one.


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