You want a speaker who connects with your audience.

When you need a message that delivers, I can help.


Having the right speaker can make or break an event.

Let's face it, when you are hosting an event you have a room full of critics watching to see if the event is worth it, and it comes right down to the speaker. You need someone who can connect, inspire, and meet the needs of your audience.  

I'll make it easy for you to craft the right message and share it with your audience for the win.


Your next event deserves a speaker that brings results.

For over 15 years as a speaker, I've captured the interest of thousands of people from the stage. The messages I share include valuable expertise and storytelling combined to make sure your audience leaves inspired to take action.

There are two things you should know about me speaking at your event:

  1. Motivate Your Audience - I present to audiences of all styles and settings, but they all agree that I carry a very relational experience that is authentic and real to their current situation. 
  2. Easy to Work With - You're a busy person and there are a lot of details in planning your event. I get it. That's why event planners appreciate that I'm a very low-maintenance speaker who works with you to get the message across that meets the needs of your audience.

These three topics will make your event a success.

The 6-step Checklist to Make Business Fly with Success

(Get the profitability your business deserves with a plan that works) 

Growing a business shouldn't be a mystery. Sadly though, running a business remains a guessing game to lots of business owners.

If you think of your business like an airplane, there are six specific areas that have to be in sync to make sure it stays in the air and gets you to your destination. There is no room for guessing.   

In this talk, you’ll learn how each of the six key areas of your business work together to drive profitability and successfully give you the business you deserve. Let's make sure you have a checklist of success.

Business Made Simple University How to Grow a Business Coach Bay Mourer
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Business Made Simple University How to Grow a Business Coach Bay Mourer

The Secret Recipe to Making Customers Raving Fans

(Grandma had a secret recipe. You should have one too.) 

It shouldn't be so difficult and take so much time trying to figure out the right way to connect with customers. Unfortunately, most businesses spend a ton of money and waste a lot of time with the wrong message.

In this talk, I’m going to give you the secret recipe to help your marketing actually start bringing customers to you.

When you learn these 7 simple steps it will definitely change the way you talk about your products and services, and it might even change the way you actually do business.

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The Plan to Give You More Time and Revenue (it actually works!)

(Stop feeling like you lost another day and get a proven map to success) 

Checklists and planners just don't seem to cut it anymore. They're just another thing to keep track of when you're putting out fires all day.

Imagine, having a clear direction for your business and creating a life full of meaning. It doesn't have to be a dream.   

In this workshop, you’ll clearly identify your long-term life objectives and have a daily process to make sure you're moving in the right direction. You will have the proven plan for success that some of the world's most successful businesses follow.

Business Made Simple University Hero on a Mission Coach Bay Mourer
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1. Schedule a call.

Select a time for a FREE 30-minute consultation. We'll discuss your business, needs, and next steps.

2. Review the plan.

I'll put a plan together for the message you want and share that with you. When you agree, I'll start on the keynote.

3. Have a great event.

I'll exceed the expectations of your audience and you'll be the hero.